E-ISSN: 2458-973X
Investigating the Effects of Straw & Rice Husk on the Compressive Strength & Tensile Strength of Adobe Brick
1Department of Architecture; Faculty of Architecture; Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, 65000, Thailand
Journal of Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies 2018; 3(3): 242-248 DOI: 10.29187/jscmt.2018.27
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Adobe bricks are extensively used for the construction of adobe houses. The lack of strength is one drawback of these bricks; therefore the soil used to build these bricks is stabilized with several natural stabilizers. This study conducted to­­­ compare the effects of commonly used stabilizers, which are straw and rice husk on the compressive strength and tensile strength of adobe. Study provided the experimental data and the analyzed failure pattern of the stabilized and un-stabilized specimens subjected to unconfined compressive strength test and splitting test. From the obtained results, the increase in compressive strength, decrease in tensile strength, increase in the elasticity under compressive loads and no major failure under compression and tension was observed for the specimens containing stabilizers. Results revealed the maximum positive effects of straw than rice husk in improving the adobe’s resistance to the compressive and tensile loads.