E-ISSN: 2458-973X
Numerical investigation of precast reinforced concrete beam–to–column joints by replaceable damper
1Department of Civil Engineering, İstanbul Aydın University Faculty of Engineering, İstanbul, Türkiye
2Department of Civil Engineering, Altınbaş University Faculty of Engineering and Arcitecture, İstanbul, Türkiye
Journal of Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies 2022; 2(7): 81-87 DOI: 10.47481/jscmt.1117101
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This study aimed to investigate the precast reinforced concrete beam-to-column joints behaviors through the replaceable damper under cyclic loading. The precast concrete specimens
have been embedded with steel reinforcement and specially shaped connectors. After the application of the replaceable damper under cyclic loading, the energy dissipation shaped very well and increased the bearing capacity of precast specimens. The precast concrete beam–to–column joints were designed and analyzed to compare with the traditional reinforced concrete (RC) specimen. The analysis result of the loading based on the controlled displacement method showed that the precast specimen model with a damper has more hysterical behavior than the traditional RC frame. Also, the specimen (PS-1) is passed the 2.7% chord rotation, which showed higher performance, than the traditional RC specimen. The efficiency of the PS-1 specimen with a special connection has been elaborated with the finite element method (FEM) and simulated by ABAQUS software.