E-ISSN: 2458-973X
Investigation of Mechanical and Permeability Properties of Fiber Mortars
1Department of Civil Engineering, Corlu, Tekirdag Namik Kemal University, Tekirdag, Turkey, 59860
Journal of Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies 2021; 1(6): 29-35 DOI: 10.29187/jscmt.2021.57
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Concrete is a brittle material which has a higher compressive strength compared to its tensile strength. Steel, glass or polymer fibers are usually added to concrete in order to improve the ductility under mechanical loads. One of the most important factors taken into consideration in producing a durable concrete is by imperviousness concrete. In this study, the mechanical and permeability properties of fiber reinforced mortars were investigated. For this purpose, in addition to the reference, 0.1%, 0.2% by volume, glass fiber reinforced and 1.15% and 2% impermeability admix incorporated series were prepared. The effective water/cement ratio of all produced mortar samples was determined to be 0.5. The workability, ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV), flexural strength, compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, determination of water penetration depth under pressure were determined in all series. According to the test results, as the glass fiber ratio increased, the water penetration depth decreased by 15% compared to the reference. In the series where 0.2% glass fiber was used, there was a 20% increase compared to the reference in terms of splitting tensile strength. In addition, there is an increase in splitting tensile strength in series produced using glass fiber and impermeability additive.