E-ISSN: 2458-973X
Industrial Waste Application with Silicon as an Aggregate in Ceramic Products
1Cruzeiro do Sul University, São Paulo, Brazil
2São Judas University, , São Paulo, Brazil
3SENAI Collage,Brazil
4Paulista University, São Paulo, Brazil
Journal of Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies 2019; 1(4): 286-295 DOI: 10.29187/jscmt.2019.32
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Experiments show that the reuse of waste in addition to reducing production costs also contributes to the environment. This study points out the industrial waste sludge containing silicon that comes from the cutting, lapping, silicon plates polishing and, individual chips cutting process from the semiconductor industry, with the proposal to reuse this as an aggregate material in the ceramic products industry. There are also sludge toxicity tests which show that the sludge can be reused as material added to the clay traces. Tests done right after the specimenburn containing silicon waste indicated the possibility of using the waste due to its nanometer features. Even though it is a preliminary study, it emphasizes the applicability of the silicon industrial waste sludge addition in the mixture with clay for ceramic artifact composition.